International Non-Profit

for Women with Chronic Illness

Wellness shouldn’t have to be a privilege

Our mission is to empower women with chronic illness to become self-advocates and take back ownership of their health. We are bridging the gaps in healthcare by making holistic coaching and community support accessible to our members around the world.

COVID-19 Patients. Ninety-four percent of those who died from the virus had an average of 2.6 underlying health conditions.
Underrepresented Populations. Black women only comprise 15% of participants in clinical trials for uterine fibroids and are 3x more likely to die during childbirth.
Female Employees. In the US, 54 million women with chronic illness are disproportionately affected by healthcare costs and workplace absenteeism.

Join the frontlines as we change the world

It takes all of us working together

Community is key. Only a collaborative group of individuals will break down existing barriers and create a system that meets the needs of ALL its members.

Wellness is the focus. Our mission makes necessary services available to a larger population – communities and individuals who don’t have other options.

We are bridging the gaps. Hundreds of women gather tools and learn skills to take back their lives from chronic stress, pain, fatigue, and anxiety.

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