We make online coaching and community accessible and affordable for those who need resources most.

About The Chronic Wellness Collective

The Chronic Wellness Collective is a group of Board Certified Nurse Coaches helping women with chronic illness get well. Our leaders, our staff, and our wellness experts understand firsthand the challenge of living with a chronic illness. Each one of us has our own story.
Many of us are nurse coaches in private practice who have helped hundreds of clients overcome chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and inflammation after going through the same journey ourselves.

Our Mission

The Chronic Wellness Collective is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization making online community + coaching accessible and affordable. We are bridging the gaps in healthcare and empowering women to take back their lives from chronic illness.

Our Vision

We are the #1 resource for connecting nurse coaches and women with chronic illness. We are a thriving and interactive online community of women helping women get well around the world.


to empower women to create healthy habits and routines


to bond with those have similar challenges and health goals


to present the latest lifestyle science from experts

Our Approach + Programs

We host our ground-breaking 90-day Nurse Yourself Back to Health group program three times a year (in the Spring, Summer, and Fall). Educational materials and resources are delivered virtually via our online platform, live coaching sessions are led by experienced nurse coaches, and members are partnered with peers for 1:1 support.

After recommended completion of the entry-level program, returning members may select from any number of specialized coaching programs and events offered by wellness professionals, including 1:1 sessions and webinars.

Our values are integrity, respect, education, empowerment, community, collaboration, compassion, resiliency, responsibility, and transparency. We believe that community + coaching are the keys to coping with chronic illness.

Founder’s Story

When Katherine was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as a teenager in 2004, she felt isolated and alone.

Conventional medicine was limited in what it had to offer. She was written a prescription by her specialist and sent home to adjust to her new life. Social media was not yet popular. She struggled to find a way to connect with other young women facing a similar life-changing health problem.

She knew there had to be a better way.

So, she took a year off from college, retreated to her family’s home over the winter, and began reading everything she could find about holistic health and wellness. Eventually, things started to click. She observed the connections between trauma, stress, and disease and recognized that she needed to heal. Over the next few years, she made lifestyle changes – where she worked, what she ate, and whom she befriended.

She finally learned how to take care of herself and knew she wanted to help others to do the same.

However, after five years as a registered nurse, she was still unsatisfied with the traditional healthcare system. She didn’t believe that patients should be dependent on doctors and prescription medications alone for health. So, in 2012 she began to explore the new evidence-based field of health coaching – a profession defined by its ability to empower women to take responsibility for their own health. Over the next six years, Katherine saw firsthand the healing benefits for clients in her private coaching practice.

Women were taking back their lives after years of suffering from chronic and autoimmune diseases.

They learned how to get the support and understanding they needed from family, friends, and medical professionals. But there were still some limitations. Many women struggled to find the energy or money to access her coaching programs and services. She wanted to find a way to make these life-changing resources available to those who needed them most.