Serve on Our Board of Directors

Christina Tidwell, MN, RN, FNP, NC-BC
Christina graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters of Nursing from the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia. She trained as a critical care RN in cardiothoracic intensive care and worked in long-term patient rehabilitation, palliative care, post-operative surgical care, and cardiac nursing. She received board certification as a Holistic Nurse Coach, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and Autoimmune Protocol Coach before starting her own holistic health coaching business.

She’s seen firsthand the victories as well as the limitations of the current medical system and the ways in which it does not always serve the needs of those with long-term, complex illnesses, since she was diagnosed with Adult Onset Still’s Disease (an autoimmune condition). She  credits her deeper understanding of the illness experience for giving her a stronger intuition to recognize her body’s needs and how these connect with her feelings.

Today Christina lives in Seattle, WA, with her fiance. When she’s not working with clients or running her business, she loves experimenting in the kitchen, fermenting foods, drinking matcha tea, having people over for dinner, going on nature walks, relaxing and meditating, and checking out the local music scene!

Lucy Fairclough Morris, MSc, FNTP
Vice President
Rachael Stanley, BSN, RN, NC-BC, APSATS CPC-c, CDWF
Rachael graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She worked in acute cardiac care, quality management, and healthcare information technology. She is a Board-Certified Nurse Coach with training in Relational Betrayal Coaching, the Co-Active Coaching Model, and the Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator program.

She witnessed first-hand the limitations of the current medical model in managing subjective symptoms. After being diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and chronic back pain, she has learned the importance of listening to her intuition, surrounding herself with a positive support network, and advocating for the resources needed for healing. Her passion is to create a safe and supportive space of empowerment, transformation, and self-discovery for others.

Rachael lives in the greater Sacramento, CA, area with her husband. When she is not coaching through her private practice you can find her hiking in the mountains, gardening in her backyard, or curling up with a cup of chai and her cat.

Ludivine de Menten, PhD
Board Member
Ludy graduated from the University of Brussels in Belgium with a Bachelors degree in Biology, a Masters in Sciences, and a PhD in Sciences, specializing in Behavioral Ecology. She worked 10 years as a Clinical Trials Project Manager for several pharmaceutical companies, developing treatments for chronic, neurological and rare diseases.

After being diagnosed with Vitiligo at age 14 and Hashimoto’s at 25, she pursued functional medicine to manage her autoimmune conditions. This opened her eyes to alternatives in healthcare and she made a career change, receiving certification as a Health Coach, Autoimmune Protocol Coach, and Genomic Medicine Clinician.

She believes that our bodies are resilient and can heal and thrive when their biological needs as human being species are fulfilled. This is deeply rooted by the understanding that our genes are not our destiny, but that we can modulate their expression to our advantage and to feel our best. She is excited to be part of the Chronic Wellness Collective’s team of women and to use her personal and professional expertise to impact the Chronic warriors’ community.

Originally from Belgium, she now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, their 12-year-old son, and their dog. When she is not coaching through her private practice, she loves drawing, cooking delicious food, reading, listening to all nature’ sounds, enjoying North Carolina’s weather and taking care of her son.

Katherine Housh, BSN, RN, HWNC-BC
Founder & Executive Director, Treasurer
Katherine graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Nursing. She went on to work as a registered nurse in acute and post-acute rehabilitation, pediatrics, health education, primary care, and hospice and palliative care. She is board certified as a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach with the American Holistic Nurses Association.

She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a teenager and Addison’s disease as an adult. Her passion is helping women the emotional and traumatic root causes of their illness, while promoting healthy lifestyle habits, such as mindfulness, energy budgeting, intuitive eating, gentle movement, and energy work.

Today Katherine lives in Sacramento, CA, with her husband. She owns a private coaching practice where she provides online courses and sessions and devotes much of her time to her spiritual community and volunteer ministry. When not busy with those activities, she enjoys reading non-fiction, writing about her experiences, cooking from scratch, gardening in her small yard, and spending time with family and friends.