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Become a Certified Chronic Wellness Coach

Transform the lives of women with chronic ilness - starting with your own!
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The only training for coaches who want to work with the chronic illness community.

All the holistic tools you need – in one proven system!

Help people cope better, improve their physical and mental health, regulate their nervous system, and transform their lives – as you grow a rock-solid coaching business that changes lives.

Simple, step-by-step instruction:

 Master the latest in the science of neuroplasticity and somatics

 Feel confident and qualified to coach anyone safely and effectively

 NEW! Earn continuing education credits through the ICF

 Save up to 30% when you join the waiting list

Why choose the Chronic Wellness Coach™ certification?

In today’s world, holistic, trauma-mindful coaches are more important than ever. Gain the rare ability to turn what you know into lasting results for yourself and others.

Study from home, at your own pace. No deadlines. Works with even the busiest schedule.

Earn a great living doing what you love. CWC graduates earn competitive income upon certification.

Master the art of coaching. Our proven method is used by medical professionals.

Join a thriving collective. Connect with fellow students and experienced coaches.

Get results that attract more clients. Build a rock-solid business, online or in-person.

Earn continuing education credits. CWC is recognized by the International Coaching Federation.

Why get an accredited certification?

The leading organization for accreditation.

High standards and independent certification for coaches, accreditation for programs.

The Chronic Wellness Coach Certification Program is accredited for 28 hours of core competency and 2 hours of resource development continuing education.

These can be applied towards the ACC Portfolio Path for credentialing, which requires a toal of 60 credit hours to be eligible.*

"I appreciate as well that it is not only nutrition based as a lot of the holistic health coaching certifications were."

I have wanted to be a coach for a few years now. I have been specifically interested in coaching those struggling with autoimmune diseases. I have been saving money up for a while with the dream of taking a coaching certification. While researching coaching certifications for a few years when I was saving and when I saw this one fit both into my pricing needs and the direction I wanted to go as a coach.

I also liked the idea that I could practice coaching clients in the collective, this is not something I was seeing in other programs!

"I really appreciate the way Katherine runs it."

There are some weeks I have so much going on recently and feel so stressed and I feel as if it means a lot that I can keep my camera off and focus on listening. It helps me focus better and decrease my stress. I also know that while she will give feedback, she will not tear us down for things to improve on in coaching.

I think overall I just can tell Katherine genuinely wants us to experience success in a way that meets everyone’s individual needs and having no expectations is really helpful in lessening stress and letting me figure things out along the way.

"I am starting to feel like this is something I can do without needing 1000 certifications and medical background to help others!"

I think previously I felt unequipped as I knew I wanted to help others but did not have a medical background or the emotional capacity to be a counselor without adding lots of stress. This has helped me see there is so much power in listening and asking powerful questions!

Since 2020, there has been a growing demand for holistic, trauma-mindful coaches.

Our 6-month certification program based on the ICF Core Competencies trains women to become Chronic Wellness Coaches in a way that is accessible.
Our tools extend beyond conventional medicine. Our curriculum is easy to navigate and simple to apply.

The virtual classroom is inclusive and video participation in optional if your energy is limited.

Trauma-mindful does not mean you will treat clients in recovery. 

We train you to view your clients as more than their diagnosis.

You are aware of the traumatic impact of chronic illness (and other life experiences). You are able to make referrals when necessary.

Most importantly, you don’t see your clients as “broken,” but as whole and capable of great things despite physical limitations!

You are qualified to introduce them to alternative and complementary modalities to explore as treatment options with a qualified practitioner.

Cutting-edge science and the latest in neuropsychology to help women thrive.

Our 6-month certification program based on the ICF Core Competencies trains women to become Chronic Wellness Coaches in a way that is accessible.

Inside the Chronic Wellness Coach Certification, you’ll learn…

 Power of belief, nervous system regulation, and emotions

 Basic brain retraining, nutrition, and lifestyle principles

 How trauma impacts sleep and mental health

 Art of holistic coaching to create lasting results for clients

 How to bridge the gap between knowing and embodying

Why learn at the Collective?

Here are just a few reasons why we’re the obvious choice…

We coach our own clients every day (over 500 and counting). Our method works with real people.

Our curriculum was designed by a registered nurse. She worked in the clinical setting for 15+ years.

Our coaches live with chronic illness. You can care for your own health while learning to support others.

We set you up with your own clients. You are part of an entire Collective, not just a training school.

We mentor you in real-time. More than just prerecorded lessons – we host live classes and coaching sessions!

What’s included in the CWC Certification?

Textbook and workbook – for reference and inspiration

Feel competent and qualified with foundations.

Weekly training video lessons – to watch at your own pace

Listen to real-world coaching sessions by experts.

Over 20 assessments, forms, and worksheets – to dig deep

Use our premium coaching tools with your clients.

Online community of like-minded coaches and experts

Connect on our Mighty Networks platform.

How the certification program works

Thursday evening classes 7-9 pm EST

Class attendance every other week is required for the ICF.

We combine lecture-style learning, group discussion, and coaching practice sessions.

Weekly practice sessions

Meet with two assigned practice partner(s) once a week for 90 minutes. These are recorded and selected excerpts are played during class for mentorship.

Online course materials

A new module is released each week with videos, worksheets, and outlines (12 total).

Work at your own pace 15-30 minutes per week.

Become a Certified Chronic Wellness Coach

After the course, you’ll take a 20-question quiz to prepare you for your ICF exam in the future. A passing grade of 75% is required. You have unlimited attempts and we’ll send your official certificate immediately after you pass.

Get your business listed on the CWC website

Once you’re certified, you can provide your business and contact information to be listed on our site. This way our members can reach out for a Discovery Call if they’d like to pursue working with you as a coach.

Learn Core Competencies
1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice
2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset
3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
5. Maintains Presence
6. Listens Actively
7. Evokes Awareness
8. Facilitates Client Growth
Help More Clients
By the end of the 6 months, not only will you be qualified to test for the Chronic Wellness Coach certification, but you also will have acquired:

  • 30 credit hours to apply towards the ICF ACC credential
  • 12+ practice coaching hours
  • new client leads
  • eligibility to work within the Collective as a Coach
Our Coaches are confident, competent, and uniquely qualified to support the chronic illness community with the professional skill of coaching.

We make a personal commitment to your success. It is our deep desire to see each and everyone of our graduates go on to acquire ICF certification and thrive in their own private practice or as a member of our coaching team.

We also set ourselves apart from other training schools by exposing you to group coaching skills early on, which fulfills our value of commnity.

Meet Erica

As an Occupational Therapist and Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Erica was four years into what initially had been a dream job, only to realize she was feeling increasingly frustrated, limited, and burned out.

Her body was crying out, too, with symptoms of pelvic pain, fatigue, and anxiety, which grew harder to ignore.

She says, “Like most things, I connected with Katherine and the Chronic Wellness Collective at the perfect time.”

“It was in witnessing Katherine and the other coaches on the Board that I started to get a sense of, ‘oh I could do this differently.’

“I could have a business where my own well-being was as much of a priority as that of my clients.”

“It is often in like-minded company that we get the permission we need to take big leaps.

“The Chronic Wellness Collective was that for me.”

“Their support helped me turn towards what I really wanted– to build my own practice and to continue to have the faith to keep building it– knowing there are other women out there walking similar paths.

“I am forever grateful.”

Imagine your life as a Coach 6 months from now.

You just graduated and feel equipped with the skills and confidence to lead others on the path to chronic wellness step-by-step. No imposter syndrome. You’ve already successfully worked with clients and know you can healp them transform their lives.

They are grateful and appreciative of your guidance and support. You are ready to start earning income working from home in a career that you love!

Other programs cost 2-3x as much and they don’t provide you with clients!

We guide and support you every step of the way. Not only do we want you to have a real career as a Coach – we selfishly want to have you work with us at the Collective!

If you complete training and meet the required competency levels, you will be able to be listed in our Coach Directory and start taking paid clients right after graduation.

Our comfortably-paced curriculum allows you to learn and grow while still caring for other family and work responsibilities.

You could pay upwards of $10,000 for tuition and expect a jam-packed study schedule for the better part of a year. Or you could break it down into bite-sized chunks (and a reasonable monthly payment) to avoid overwhelm. This allows you to get the rest you need to maintain your own health.

Now is the time to enroll in the Chronic Wellness Coaching Academy before tuition increases in Spring 2023.

Coaching Instructor

Katherine Housh, BSN, TICC

Katherine is the Founder and Director of the Chronic Wellness Collective, whose mission is to make coaching and community accessible and affordable for women with chronic illness. As a registered nurse, she has worked in the acute, home, clinic, and hospice care settings. Her passion is empowering women with autoimmune disease to stop flare-ups in their tracks and break the cycle of suffering, which she does as a Board-Certified and Trauma-Informed Holistic Nurse Coach in private practice in California.

Guest Speakers

Tiffany Gibson, MNEd, RN

Tiffany is a Nurse Educator whose primary focus is professional development, healthcare equity and inclusion, and shaking things up in nursing to demolish outdated norms. Tiffany challenges nurses to work at the top of their scope as emotionally intelligent leaders. She accomplishes this within her work as a full-time clinical educator, part-time adjunct faculty member, and all-the-time in Nursing Education Professional Development and Equity & Inclusion Consulting for her business, New Nurse Academy, LLC.

Katie Kurtz, LCSW, RYT

Katie is a Licensed Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher. Her work centers on designing, leading, and holding space that is trauma informed and human first. Through her collection of training, mentorship, and community spaces, Katie holds space for leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to feel more equipped and supported as they lead with integrity, communicate with compassion and live with empathy. Katie is a dynamic and nurturing guide with a coaching style centered on curiosity, courage and connection.

Our 100% commitment guarantee.

We do our part to ensure that you meet the ICF training requirements for credentialing. It’s up to you to do yours!
Life happens and if you need a leave of absence for your own health, you won’t lose your investment. You may return with a future cohort to complete your training.

We include the following BONUSES for our students:

  • Chronic Wellness Foundations course modules
  • Monthly workshops with expert practitioners
  • Optional trainings to lead group sessions


Save up to 25% on the only certification for working with chronically ill clients when you add your name to the free waitlist.

The full price of the Chronic Wellness Coach Certification is $1997 for 6 months.

But when you join the free waitlist today, you’ll get the opportunity to get it for only $267 per month or a one time payment of $1500 – up to 25% savings.

That means you can transform you career and the lives of others for less than $9 a day… much less than the cost of pursuing a medical eduation!

Important note: Class size is limited because we want to give each cohort an intimate learning experience. Being on the waitlist means you will be first in line to claim one of those spots!

Are you wondering if coaching is right for you – or if you should pursue an advanced degree?

University degree

$25,000 – $120,000+

4 to 8 years of schooling

Additional costs for textbooks, housing, student fees, etc.

Required on-site attendance with research papers

Not much real-world experience and application

CWC Certification Program


6 months of training

No hidden fees – start earning income

Learn online from the comfort of home

Start using your skills right away to help others heal

Ready to start changing lives?

The next Spring 2022 cohort begins the week of April 4th and there are ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT! Last time this certification will be offered at this price.
Enroll today