Suffering chronic stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and illness?

Are you a college student enrolled in a STEM degree program?

We are excited to announce a scholarship program for our upcoming group program at the Chronic Wellness Collective.  Sponsored by Kymanox, and supported by PDA and Launchbio, this program covers 100% of the costs for those looking for support with chronic health conditions while enrolled in an undergraduate program:

  • Annual membership to the Collective: Fifteen (15) applicants will be selected to attend based on eligibility criteria (valued at $297)
  • 90-day private coaching package: One (1) scholarship recipient will be selected to win after completion of the group program (valued at $497)
Specific eligibility criteria apply: The scholarships are open internationally to women who are currently enrolled in a STEM-related undergraduate program and who are in good standing with their college or university. We ask you to write a brief description of your commitment to your health, as well as to your education and personal mission. Winners will be selected from among qualified applicants based on these criteria.