Community is powerful.


You don’t have to go it alone and the right support doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars.

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What membership means:

Access to tools to transform your health.

1. Fresh CONTENT every month.

Free tools and resources
Expert webinars
Self-paced courses
Group programs
Private coaching sessions
Giveaways and contests

2. Compassionate SUPPORT from women who understand.

Here there is a sense of belonging and  profound relief to hear stories that are similar to yours. Each of our members experienced a chronic illness diagnosis (or is in the process of finding answers).

All of our nurse coaches have been through their own trials with chronic illness, pain, and fatigue. You don’t have to feel like you are crazy or alone anymore!

"I’ve gone from feeling hopeless to hopeful."

Before working with a Chronic Wellness Coach, I was in constant pain not even able to get out of bed. I felt like this was going to be my life now (with my future looking bleak). Since going through the coaching program, I’ve been able to take control of my illness and not have it control me– Diane

"I am not alone in this world of chronic illness"

“I benefited from a community of women to connect with. I feel significantly less overwhelmed and that alone is a huge relief for me. The biggest ah-ha moment for me was how important it is that I take care of myself. – Carley

"Talking to a coach about my illness has been empowering."

Before a Chronic Wellness Coach came into my life, I had become extremely isolated. Out of shame, I kept my illness a secret and as it got worse, so did I. I no longer suffer in silence because she has given me the tools to be able to discuss it with my family, friends, and doctors without feeling guilt or shame. – Hattie

3. Professional GUIDANCE from coaches invested in your success.

We meet you where you are. Together, we will clarify your unique goals and tailor a plan to fit your lifestyle.

Show up for yourself and we are here for you.

We continue to make new programs available as your health transforms and your goals grow. You can cancel your membership at any time and there is no obligation.

4. Individualized ACTION PLANS from experts.

We know that financial and employment uncertainty is one of the obstacles to better health for millions of women. Typically, a 90-day group coaching program would cost upwards of $1500.

Because our nurse coaches volunteer their time and our generous donors help cover operating costs, we are able to bring the same resources and results to you for a fraction of the cost.


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Still not sure if this is right for you?

Check out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions and concerns.

I can't afford to pay the membership fee.

Everyone’s financial circumstances are different.

We find that when members invest in themselves, they are committed to doing the work (and therefore experience better results). Generous donors help cover operating costs. Some members donate to cover the cost for those with limited incomes.

If this amount is not doable for you, it is possible to start a fundraising campaign on behalf of the Chronic Wellness Collective, which you can do here.

Also, we have a limited number of scholarships offered every year. When you fill out your application, you can request to be put on the waiting list here.

I'm not sure coaching is right for me.

Coaching is not the same as therapy.

In fact, it is likely different from anything you’ve tried before. It’s not about asking for (or receiving) advice. In the coaching relationship – YOU are the expert.

Our nurse coaches are trained to help you feel at ease. Gently pushing outside your comfort zone allows you to explore new perspectives. You can unlock your own potential to create better health.

Our recommendation if you are unsure is to give it a try for a month and see how far you can get with the right support and resources.

I don't like to be on video group calls.

You get to choose how you participate.

Many women feel the way you do. It’s normal to be hesitant to share your story with a group of relative strangers. Our coaches are expert facilitators. They are here to guide the conversation in a safe space.

Even our most shy members often report that once they get to know their group, they are eager to participate. For some, they are happy to jump on video, others just want to listen in by audio, and still more prefer the group chats online.

Whatever your preferred method of communication, there is an incredible sense of community that is formed by sharing with others who can relate to your experiences with chronic illness.


I'm busy and afraid I'll get behind in the program.

You set the pace in the comfort of your own home.

Our programs are cumulative. This means that we work through each step in a specific order to bring you the best results. There are no due dates and you will have access to the materials for as long as you are a member.

Some concepts may be new for you. They may require more time for you to explore. Others modules may be very familiar. You may be able to breeze right through them.

We try to allow for space and flexibility so that you can choose the pace and rhythm that works best for you. Group sessions are scheduled every two weeks and we recommend attending them regularly. Even if you have yet to complete the assignments, you will still benefit from joining the discussion.

I only want to work with a private coach.

Our volunteers are eager to support you.

We are continuing to grow as a non-profit. At this point, we have a limited number of private coaching hours we are able to offer our members. We want to make sure that these hours are allotted to those who are committed to the coaching process.

The best way to decide if our organization (and coaching in general) is the right fit for you is to work through our group program first. The tools and concepts we help you apply are proven to be effective for hundreds of women with chronic illness. Many women find that they make even faster progress when working with the support of a whole group of women.