We give women the tools they need to heal from chronic illness and codependency.

Our approach is holistic and trauma-informed.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed?

We understand firsthand the challenges of a chronic illness diagnosis. Your symptoms are not all in your head. Pain and inflammation do not have to rule your life. 

When Katherine was in nursing school, she tried diet changes, supplements, and prescription medications with no relief. Therapy helped a little.

Finally, it was after learning the impact of trauma, nervous system dysregulation, and biological root causes that she no longer had to wonder, “Why me? Why now?”

Craving a consistent routine?

Conventional medicine often delivers the message that an autoimmune diagnosis is the result of faulty genes. They tell you that you are broken and will need medications or surgery to survive.

This isn’t the case for everyone all the time.

The truth is that your body was designed to heal all on its own.

Symptoms of fatigue, pain, anxiety, and inflammation do not need to be feared. You can learn to speak your body’s language so that flare-ups no longer catch you off guard.

Created by experts.

Based on the latest research in the fields of neurobiology, psychology, emotology, functional exercise and nutrition, and more.

We meet you wherever you are:

  • seeking answers
  • searching for a diagnosis
  • newly diagnosed
  • chronically ill
  • healing from a flare-up
  • recovering from pain
  • growing stronger daily

Our members understand:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fibromyalgia
  • history of trauma and/or abuse
  • ulcerative colitis
  • Celiac disease
  • anxiety
  • recovery from codependency
  • hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Addison’s disease
  • depression
  • hidradenitis suppurativa
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • and more

Our team supports you:

  • Nurse Coaches
  • Functional Health Coaches
  • Holistic Health Practitioners
  • Emotologists
  • Nutritionists
  • Rehabologists
  • and more

Plot your course(s) to better health.

Other women are saying:

We give you everything you need to move forward and get on with your life
after a chronic illness or autoimmune disease diagnosis.

"We were given a lot of useful tools that we can continue to use on our own going forward."

I’m still working my way through the material,  but I appreciate the availability of the coaches during the program and the opportunities for support from the group.

"The CWC has been an incredible resource and community!"

I have gained so much insight into what I am facing with gut issues and feel very knowledgable on how to start approaching doctors, blood work, and all that comes with it. I also feel like I have a huge community to help support this journey.

“Having the group made such a positive impact."

When we all joined, everyone introduced themselves and shared their journey. Simply knowing that you aren’t alone in the things that you experience is empowering. Also, witnessing how incredible, accomplished, and positive all the women in the group were while living with various illnesses motivated and inspired me to think and dream bigger in my own life.

How You Can Benefit

Included in your Membership:

Mighty Networks

Self-Paced Courses
and Programs

Monthly Expert

Group Coaching

Discounted Private Coaching

How it works:

  • Join the Chronic Wellness Collective as a Member
  • Meet other women facing similar challenges
  • Learn from experts during workshops and group sessions
  • Work through self-paced courses and webinars
  • Expand your healing toolkit
  • Enroll in premium group programs to fast-track your healing
  • Sign up for discounted private sessions and packages

This isn’t just a support group where people come to talk. (Though we do a lot of that, too!) This is a place for women who are ready to take action.

You don’t need a diagnosis.

We also provide guidance for women who don’t have a diagnosis, but who are suffering chronic symptoms of fatigue, pain, anxiety, and digestive and skin issues.

All of this takes place within our Mighty Networks community where you can stop and start your membership at any time. Private coaching packages are available at a discount for our Members.

In a matter of weeks you will notice more peace of mind. In just a month you can have a growing support system. Within 3-6 months you can notice a significant reduction of symptoms. And within a year you will be well on your way to having your quality of life back.

No more guilt or self-blame.

You are not crazy. Your symptoms are not all in your head. You can learn a radical new approach to help your body heal. Get to the root of your fatigue. Understand and tackle the “whys” of your symptoms (so you’re not just “managing” them anymore).


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